How Do I Start? I Don’t Speak Greek!

I don’t speak Greek!

Welcome to the club. Recently my partner and I were in the process of purchasing a property in a room full of sellers, lawyers and notaries and we laughed about the fact that we didn’t speak any greek. But, then again I’m not in the dating business – I’m here to buy property and everything I need to write or read is automatically translated by using google chrome or google translate app. And for the serious stuff, well there’s the lawyer and the notary – both of whom will make sure we understand everything before any documents get signed and way before any money changes hands!

Look at this way – there’s an advantage of not being Greek. That is it hinders other investors moving into the market. and as the buyers are presently not the locals it becomes a case of too many sellers not enough buyers…but like everything this will change over time

Can you guys assist me in Greece?

We get asked this a lot but unfortunately we aren’t set up as a training organisation.

We’re just a couple of guys who have had the flexibility to move, learn and take advantage of broken markets in the time period of which they exist.

What we have attempted to do here is share with you the tools you will need to get established themselves and an enquiry to us via email will always happily ensure a response and help with your situation if practical.

Please give us license as if we don’t immediately reply to an email its only because we are in our favourite coffee or enjoying a greek salad or assisting another seller but we will reply!

P.S. You can email us here