Here’s where you can find a bunch of stuff you need to get started, and keep going with Athens real estate.ou probably don’t speak Greek, nor do we so we use these apps on the go everyday in Athens


You probably don’t speak Greek, nor do we, so we use these apps on the go everyday in Athens.

Say Hi

Say Hi is a great app that lets you speak in your own laguage and translates it into almost any other. Great for telling the taxi driver that you also have Google Maps and the blue dot is going away from your desitnation. Seriously, most Greek taxi drivers speak pretty good English, but the one time they don’t you’ll be glad of this.
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Taxi Beat

Taxi Beat is something of a rarity. A Greek business success. A start up from here in Athens it was created to help make a safer environment for taking taxis in a city where only a few years ago you could take your life and your wallet in your own hands by taking a cab. With Taxi Beat you get the driver’s name, the car plate and they’re usually English speaking. What about Uber you ask? Well, the Greek taxi drivers managed to do away with their competition a couple of years ago. Taxi Beat is what we get to use, and it’s pretty good. You’ll still have to pay in cash *yeah, right* but it’s better than hailing a jalopy on the street.

The way we think of Greek taxis is that you pay the same price whether it’s a forty year old beat up car with the oldest driver in the world and no seat belts or a late model Mercedes with a friendly driver. Don’t say you weren’t warned.
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