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2019 Greek Elections – What Does it Mean For Real Estate?

2019 is an an election years in Greece.

Why Does This Matter?

Elections in Greece are like a crazy free for all. After the current Government got into power by promising Greeks free stuff like money and taxes on the rich and saying no to the Germans, the Government did an immediate about turn and an literally rolled over for the EU.

Greeks have not forgotten this and the Government ruling party – uber left Syriza – has been involved in scandal after scandal involving corruption, incompetence and all the usual ills associated with left wing governments.

Sadly the opposition is the same old guard who messed up the Greek economy last time. Although it would be hard to see how much worse even the cause of the 2011 crisis was than the total mess the current Government have made of it.

Well as non Greeks we are mainly interested here in what the outcome of the next election might be in terms of how it affects us directly as property investors, foreigners in the country and the economy and property market in general.

So what is the good the bad and the ugly likely to look like after the 2019 Greek elections?

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